Good Dog Does Bad Dog Show

"He's all over the place, and so he should be!"
By Alex Firer

  • “Ohhh, what a nose dive, and he couldn’t care less”.

    Few viral videos will be this absolutely charming. Here is a Jack Russel terrier completely failing the agility test at a dog show, but absolutely winning over every single one of our hearts. The Jack Russel doesn’t care at all for a single obstacle thrown his way. He’s just here to jump around and have fun! What a good boy! A good good boy! And just as charming, is the announcer! His heart is absolutely lit up with the antics of this cute little pooch!

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  • Dogs screw up their events for adorable reasons, all the dang time! Check out this dog screwing up his run with a super adorable dog poop. Dogs! They don’t know they’re in some ridiculous competition, sometimes! They just want to have a little bit of fun, run around, poop on the grass. They are our greatest friends and I want to pet every single one of their adorable heads.

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