Dolphin Bodyslams Surfer

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  • Dolphins. We hear so many stories of them rescuing people stuck out at sea — but we never hear this side! What kind of cute little creature would just body slam a surfer like that!? Dolphins! What are you doing!? You guys are consummate troublemakers! Dolphins!

    Sam Yoon was paddle surfing out in Australia when a dolphin when a dolphin jumped from the sea and slammed on him. Like some kind of evil Poke’mon or whatnot. If Sam Yoon is troubled by it, he doesn’t show it! The surfer seems absolutely delighted by the animal impact.

    But according to Sam Yoon, the dolphin never wanted to hurt him! He wanted to avoid him! And then, as Sam continued surfing, the dolphins communicated to each other to avoid the guy. Okay, dolphins. We shall live again in peace. The great dolphin/human war shall be avoided for now. For now.

    Click click click click, indeed! (That’s peace in dolphin talk!)

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