Gym Class Obstacle Course Fail

Student gets pulled head first into a stack of crates!
By Alejandra Moedano

  • What’s going in high school gym classes nowadays? I don’t remember doing anything this bizarre!

    High school student, Giselle Biancas, was recently filmed attempting to climb a makeshift staircase made out of milk crates during gym class. Strapped into her headgear and harness, Giselle was ready to go, but definitely did not get the outcome she expected.

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  • As Giselle begins climbing in the video, a student on the other end of her safety chord appears to be pulling a bit too fast. Despite her teacher reminding her not to stop climbing, she never had a chance.

    Headgear or not, getting pulled face first into solid plastic crates had to be painful.

    As if being in high school isn’t hard enough already, try being milk-crate-to-the-face girl from now on… with video proof! The poor girl is never going to live this down.

    Thankfully, Giselle is a great sport, and posted the video of herself to twitter saying:

  • Unnamed

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  • Almost everyone who has seen this video on Twitter is wondering whether or not Giselle is going to hit the school with a lawsuit. Would you? Looks like we’ll have to stay tuned with milk crate girl.

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  • Is your gym class this exciting? Rather, would you be willing to float over milk crates? I swear, high school is just so strange. Leave us a comment below or @WhatsTrending on Twitter!