Trump Is Bad At Hand Shakes: German Edition

Is no handshake better than the actual handshake?
By Alex Firer
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  • So, when you’re so bad at handshakes that we have foreign editions of it (check out the Japanese and Canadian ones if you want), maybe you might want to skip out on shaking the hands of foreign dignitaries. Or at least, that’s what Trump did when faced with Angela Merkel at the White House press pool earlier this Friday.

    Angela Merkel asked if they should shake hands, the press asked them to shake hands, and the president just sat there, looking absolutely uncomfortable. Is it because we made fun of his handshake? Is it because he’s a dick who won’t shake hands with someone he disagrees with? Is it a third more insane reason we can’t possibly imagine?

    Is this the guy’s brilliant deal making? Being a dick? Anyway, Mr. President, thank you for allowing us to continue our multi part series — Trump Is Bad At Handshakes!

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