Jimmy Fallon’s Interview with JJ Abrams an Adorable Disaster

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  • I love goofy stunts.

    And a goofy stunt is what we got! Jimmy Fallon had JJ Abrams on to discuss a few projects — including “The Play that Goes Wrong”, his latest production in the theater, and when the minds and stars behind the play came out it did — alas— go wrong.

    One actor’s foot caught in the curtain! Another, destroying Jimmy’s desk. It’s a really adorable bit of chaos that makes this play an absolute weird joy to behold. What do you think? Is everything going to go wrong in the play too? The only way things can go wrong is if I don’t have a good time! And guys, with antics this silly, it’s impossible! As for Jimmy Fallon and JJ Abrams, the bar has been raised! JJ! Can a Jedi come destroy the desk next time you come by? Oh please, JJ, please, I beg of you! Please

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