Guys, Check Out This Giant Chicken

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  • Imagine a big chicken. Biggest chicken you can think of. Then my friends, watch the above video. Shrink in fear. Shrink in the knowledge that the chicken you have imagined is pathetic in size compared to this unbelievably oversized chicken. I know you once thought you knew the size of a chicken. Well listen up, idiot, your dumbass world is about to fucking change, cause this fucking chicken is big as shit, my man.

    Oh yeah, what the hell is up with this gigantic chicken? Is it buff as hell because it’s eating chicken steroids like a mutant!? Is it more mutant meat than hen!? A Poke’mon (pocket monster) who escaped from an alternate universe and is here to mate with our real world chickens to create an unholy Poke’mon/Reality hybrid to take out all who oppose it on the battlefield!? Who knows, my man, I do not, my man. My man!

    This big old chicken blow your dumb mind too!? Oo, maybe it did! Let us know what you think of this gigantic animal in the comments or on Twitter at @WhatsTrending, because my man, that chicken is big as all heck! It’s a big big chicken, my man!

    Big chicken! My man!

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