YouTube Raises Controversy With Setting LGBT Videos To Restricted

Bad move, YouTube!
By Alex Firer

  • YouTube is looking into the controversial decision to filter out LGBT material, labeling it as “restricted”, rightfully causing the ire of both the LGBT Creator community, and allies.

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  • Tegan and Sara, Tyler Oakley, and many many more have both been impacted by this archaic ban, with many noticing that their material was a part of this, and that this bars children from viewing LGBT material when it could help them be educated on the matter, or to realize that being LGBT is a healthy normal thing. To treat it as something obscene is insulting. YouTube commented on the matter, calling it a mistake they’re looking into, although we’ll see if quick changes are made to their deeply problematic (to say the least) current policy. However, later they doubled down on it, saying that some may want a “limited worldview” which is again, marginalizing LGBT issues.

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