Area Man Breaks Up Area Fight

With the greatest weapon of all-- hard truths!
By Alex Firer

  • It’s the ultimate pacifist’s dream, to break up a fight just with your words, and this video does just does that. It peers into the meaning of what a conflict is, what inspires anger, and quells the fight quickly. Who is this pacifist stranger? This real world glowing beam of zen? Tis mystery to be sure, but the mystery and peace making of it all if infinite and deep and I give it my utter respect.

    May all of our hearts glow with one billion peaceful beams. This I do declare.

  • This act of peace did not go unrecognized. LeBron James praised this mysterious stranger on Twitter.

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  • Glory be to you mystery peace stranger. He calmed the tension of the world. Sir. Thank you.

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