Paul Ryan On AHCA Loss: “Doing Big Things Is Hard”

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  • In case you haven’t heard this morning, the Republicans suffered a ridiculous and vaguely amusing defeat earlier today after they pulled their Obamacare replacement bill, the AHCA — or as it was, reluctantly, for the Trump administration, nicknamed Trumpcare. The bill was losing votes rapidly as constituents were protesting its repealement of much of the healthcare they have come to depend on — and for some reason the bill specifically zeroed in on the elderly, with the shrinking of Medicaid. It was a ridiculous and mishandled bill by a bunch of people who seemed to be salivating at the bit to rob Americans of every healthcare protection they have had. It was off putting, and as the bill was losing votes on the side of the GOP — the GOP! For years the GOP bragged about how they’re going to repeal the ACA (aka Obamacare), and now, nothing! I dunno what to say you guys. “Oops”.

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  • Hell, apparently, according to Raw Story, Trump himself personally lost seven votes after trying to “strong arm” congress. Paul Ryan gave a speech — the kind of speech that admits defeat while deflecting blame, and its key take away — has he learned to listen to his constituents? That he’s not a dictator with a fake mandate? No. All he learned is — “doing big things is hard”.

    Five monosyllabic words to state something glaringly obvious as an excuse? Man oh man. It looks like the effects of Donald Trump really are felt all over. But for now— we have health care for the foreseeable future.

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