Adele Fights Bug

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  • Buzz-lo. It’s me…

    That’s how a bug would sing Adele‘s “Hello”, which is a very topical joke because she got attacked by a bug just last night at her very concert. We know how she felt as she narrated this insectoid attack from the stage. “There’s a bug on me!”, she shouted, which is a very accurate shout, because guess what people!? There was a bug on her! Accept it, fools!

    Adele’s insectoid freakout was captured for the cameras, and audience were delighted to see her world famous relatability on screen. You see, I too would scream in fear if a bug attacked me during my concert. As for the bug — I cannot wait to hear his side of the story. Maybe through heartbreaking song? About how he tried to bite Adele but failed? Oh the dream.

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