Why Are We So OBSESSED With Cash Me Outside Girl?

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  • Memes are a mystery. They should call them— memesteries! Are you people reading what I am laying down here? My friend. We explore memesteries here. We will explore why you were hypnotized by Harambe, why Pepe were from slacker to hacker — which rhymes, but actually he’s a hate symbol now — to today’s subject Danielle Bregoli, or as the more literate world will know her as Cash Me Outside Girl (or Ousside for all of you Latin speakers in the audience).

    The video above explores Danielle Bregoli, through “The Jerry Springer Effect”, i.e. — when we watch Danielle fight with her mom, with airline passengers, and telling Dr. Phil about why she invites people outside (to cash her), we feel better about our own lives. Sure, but does the video take into account her weird confidence? Oo baby! That’s some good confidence! I will never be that confident, and I write for WHAT’S TRENDING! The #1 blog for me talking about the big chicken last week. Remember the Big Chicken? Jeez, that thing was big!

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