Little Girl Hugs Water Heater Thinking It’s Robot

"I love you", said the child to the broken water heater.
By Alex Firer
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  • Some videos are beautiful, educational masterpieces hinting at the greater nature of humanity. Yet, some videos have to be called out for what they are — human/robot propaganda! Propaganda to make people think robots are safe and cuddly — and propaganda for robots to think humans will not disassemble them at every turn! Or maybe not, I dunno.

    Either way, this adorable video has been delighting people online, one showing a little girl hugging a broken water heater — not a robot or an attempt at a robot — and saying to it “I love you, robot”. It’s freaking. Adorable. And crazy that just something vaguely resembling a head can make something look like it has humanity. We relate to those giant eyes, consarn it!

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