Stand Up Maths Presents: The Brick Balancing Challenge

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  • Do you love balancing? Do you love bricks? Do you love balancing bricks? Do you love brick balancing? Then you’re going to love the brick balancing challenge, my friend. And I can call you my friend. For, we are all friends when it comes to the brick balancing challenge, the uber game of mega Jenga enjoyed by thrill seeker and YouTuber alike. Essentially, the challenge is — how many bricks can you stack in a strange pattern before the bricks topple?

    At this point we should 100% tell you to not try this at home. Do not stack bricks you will get hurt. Thank you. Now back to the entry already in progress.

    It’s a hell of a game, one reminiscent of part one of a Tom and Jerry gag than anything else we’ve seen on the internet, and Stand Up Math — the persona of comedian and mathematician Matt Parker, has invented and mastered it. In the video below says he even says he met with some construction workers to learn how to balance these bricks, which seems insane, but hey — I ain’t the guy doing the brick balance challenge!

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