The Human Claw Machine Will Grab Us All

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  • The Human Claw Machine is Here! YouTube creators “This is Mythical” wonder aloud about their concern for all the kids getting stuck in the machines, an EXTREMELY regular occurrence that MUST result in your kid getting picked out by the claw machine itself. This is an unbelievably common concern, so I can see why they have no choice but to create — the human claw machine! The claw machine to rescue children from climbing into claw machines and messing around!

    This is Mythical does so, filling a small arena with stuffed toys and one toy baby meant for the rescuing. They strap themselves in and RESCUE! THAT BABY! They make their way through the mess of stuffed and inflatable creatures alike only to return to their home where they grill the baby. Real “Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s Journey” stuff here. What will they do next? I hope a human skeeball. Where the humans are the holes, the balls and also the numbers. Such is my dadaist dream.

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