Kendrick’s New Video Visually References Everything, Burns Every Rapper

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  • Kendrick Lamar is rolling out the new songs this week, and his latest one — Humble — released as a video — is a show stopper and a heartstopper, with its unbelievable lyrics, its unbelievable beats and its absolutely insane visuals, courtesy of director Dave Meyers and the Little Homies.

    I don’t know if I have seen a video before with that many references.

    The video begins with a shot of Kendrick bowing his head in prayer as a Pope — some are saying it’s a reference to Jude Law’s HBO Series Young Pope — which would be weird enough, but its get crazier.

    Kendrick in one shot stands in a black turtleneck channeling either Tupac or Steve Jobs depending on who you ask. He restages the last supper — with actors representing Future, Big Sean, Migos, DJ Khaled— and between these two shots, out of nowhere he discusses how he hates the use of photoshop on women’s bodies in media.

    But for me it’s not complete unless someone references the Grey Poupon ad from the 80’s– OH WAIT HE DID JUST THAT!

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  • But it’s not just the insane visuals of the video! The lyrics, brilliant on their own also, call out Big Sean — especially his catchphrases of “hol’ up” and “lil bitch”, and his lyrics about being paged by Obama seem like a direct reference to Drake’s instagram with Obama. It will take researches, Rap Geniuses and nerds just analyzing the whole brilliant thing eons to uncover every reference in this brilliant in depth video.

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