Cats Train Humans With Bells In Amazing Video

Pavlov's Dog 2: This Time The Animals Ring The Bells
By Alex Firer
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  • In an amazing video floating around the internet, two cats have been taught to ring a small little hotel bell and get a treat, in reverse Pavlov’s Dog Experiment.

    Originally tweeted by @b_ru_ru video is hypnotic, as we see the two cats get all worked up like two little impatient hotel guests. The white cat rings its bell, getting a giant human arm to put a little treat on its plate, as the grey cat does the same, only to find that the other bell seems to get the treats a little quicker, and it rings that with greater urgency.

    I’m sure for an animal that’s used to chasing and killing its food this is like some kind of amazing fever dream. I mean watching it certainly is.

    Twitter has been alight for these adorable little things! Check out some reactions below.

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  • But don’t fret if you think these cats are being weird jealous little people. A new study this same week found that cats prefer humans to food. Cats love us more than food! (That’s… the most meaningful thing a dumb hungry animal can feel.)

    What do you think of these amazing hungry human loving cats? Are they too greedy or just greedy enough? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter at @WhatsTrending.