Win A Swagger Scooter in our What’s Trending Giveaway

Giveaway lasts from now until April 6th!
By Alex Firer
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  • If you like things that are trending AND winning scooters, you just have to pay attention to this entry! What’s Trending and Swagtron are teaming up to give away an eco friendly and an all in all collectively stylish Official Swagger Scooter. This give away lasts from Thursday, March 30th to Thursday, April 6th.

    I know what you’re thinking. You need that scooter. You need that scooter bad. Well, here’s how you can win it! It’s easy!

    1. Subscribe to the What’s Trending YouTube Page

    2. On the menu, enter your YouTube Account and hit enter

    3. Click on What’s Trending on Instagram

    4. On the drop down menu enter your Instagram account and hit enter

    Check out the event here and remember — that could be you tooling around that scooter! So catch us on, enter the contest, and scoot around friend, scoot around!