Trippy “Double King” Film Takes Reddit by Storm

You ready for your eyes to melt at this animated glory?
By Alex Firer
  • We love it when a surreal piece of animation takes the internet by storm, and Felix Colgrave‘s latest film “TWO CROWNS”. The short is a surrealist little masterpiece, as we follow around a hooded figure as he knocks down every other king around him until he knocks down the biggest king of them all — and we wouldn’t dare to spoil who that king is.

    This surrealist piece is currently catching fire on Reddit, and with any hope will continue to light up the airwaves. The style seems reminiscent of a lot of classic drug influenced animated masterpieces — from Yellow Submarine, to Adult Swim, and I hope it continues to catch on.

    You can buy some pretty cool merchandise from the cartoon on Felix’s page here, and its beautiful. I love this stuff — the internet producing art and the internet at its absolute greatest.

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