Monkey Pelts Grandma With Poo

Truly, entertainment at its purest.
By Alex Firer

  • This video of a monkey through his fantastic poop at a grandma is going viral on the internet, and it’s hard to not see why. A monkey throwing poop is the epitome of entertainment. It is the unifier. Dummies love monkeys throwing poop. Intellectuals love monkeys throwing poop. And we sometimes envy monkeys throwing poop.

  • We here in the writing business often feel like we’re just throwing stuff against the wall and seeing what sticks. Sometimes the stuff is great, sometimes it’s stuff that we’re not sure about — maybe stuff that’s bad. We call that stuff “poop”. And we throw it against the wall. We hope the poop sticks— but if the poop hits a random grandma, then we sir, look the fools!

    This is one of many reasons we envy chimps

    When this little guy threw a wad of poop at a grandmother, it stuck to her face and the chimp was declared a hero!

    A hero!

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