Klepper to Take Over 11:30 PM Slot on Comedy Central

Big changes coming for the venerated late night block.
By Alex Firer
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  • Late night news, my friends! Late night news! Big changeover in the late night-o-sphere as Jordan Klepper gets the 11:30pm slot

    Comedy Central’s satirical late night block has been legendary, with Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert having been, for the longest time, the power duo dominating it. Since then, there has been a series of change overs and experiments. Larry Wilmore of course brilliantly occupied the slot with The Nightly Show, temporarily @midnight and coming up for a little while in that slot, The President Show. Now, the time slot is being taken over by longtime Daily Show correspondent, and one of the few left who’s worked with Stewart still on the show (along with Hassan Minaj), and guest hosted for current host Trevor Noah during an emergency appendectomy.

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  • Klepper, an ex UCB performer, has been a stand out on the program for his portrayal of blustery goons. We’re curious what format the show will take. Will he play a character like Stephen Colbert’s? Or a more straight forward show like Stewart’s? Only time will tell!

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