DIY Handmade Spider-Man: Homecoming Trailer Is Delightful

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  • So, Spider-Man is kind of the handmade superhero. While Iron Man built himself a suit with a multi-million dollar company, Captain America had to work with the government, and Thor was given the power of the Gods — Spider-Man was just a kid who had an accident and made the most out of it. He made his own web-shooters, he made his own costume, so it makes sense that he would deserve a slightly more handmade trailer.

    Enter Cinefix, who constructed a beautiful handmade version of the original trailer for Spider-Man: Homecoming (Spider-Man: HomeMADEComing?). Any awe inspiring jumps are done with a toy, Spider-Man’s shield looks like a decorated trashcan lid, and when the burglars in Avengers masks rob a bank it looks more like a very dirty garage.

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  • Garage! So dirty! Such a dirty garage!

    We love this, and we want to see more! More! More! But what do you think of the trailer? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter at @WhatsTrending.

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