Chris Evans Mocks A “Normal” In Kimmel Sketch

Oh but don't get me wrong, Chirs Evans' 'Dennis' looks great!
By Alex Firer
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  • Chris Evans, I am sure, is deeply enjoying his stint as a superhero and action movie hearthrob, but what he really wants to do, he tells Kimmel, is act in a meaningful biopic. Of a subject so heartbreaking, so despair filled, that the world will see the true nature of man. Unfortunately all the good ones were taken, so Chis Evans has no choice but to do a biopic of a rando in the audience — Dennis. Dennis is excited at first, but lo the trailer that unfolds.

    Witness Chris Evans playing the saddest loseriest lump of a human to ever grace our television sets! Marvel upon his sadness, his wife telling him his penis is bad, and him eating a hamburger out of the toilet.

    When the clip ends, Dennis is asked if he likes it, and Dennis admits that— uh. No, not really. No, this is very bad. And he is disparaged for being so UNGRATEFUL! A big movie star called your penis bad!? Is that not worth praise and love!?

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