Man Marries Robot in China

Instead of wedding bells its wedding beeps hello is this thing on
By Alex Firer

  • In a twist right out of Weird Science, 31 year old Chinese engineer Zheng Jiajia is marrying his own robot creation in a traditional wedding ceremony. The bride’s name is Yingying and Zheng has publicized their wedding. This is possibly an attempt to promote Zheng’s own research and production of AI at his workplace — Brain of Things. Although he seems very much into it, discussing how he’s going to program his new wife to talk around and do chores, and seems sincere about the possibility of humans marrying robots. The marriage came about after the creator had a hard time finding love and seems to not be, at this point, legally binding.

    Which like, sure. But this is also odd. Are the robots programmed to like being married? Is that okay that they are? I gotta say, if you’re afraid of a robot uprising, no quicker way to bring one about then making them marry and cook for you?

    On the other hand, I can finally marry this water heater. Hmmm…

    What do you think though? Should humans be allowed to marry robots? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter at @WhatsTrending.