Cop Arrests Bullshit Heckler During Press Conference

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  • A man got arrested in Australia after he ambushed a cop’s press conference, shouting the world bullshit, leading the cop to arrest him live on camera. Ah, the long arm of the law! May it never rest! It can’t even get a spare moment to talk to the press! That’s when most of us relax! Boy oh boy!

    And look. People screwing up on live TV is always fun. But people getting arrested on live TV in a way that’s so orderly it leaves you feeling not gross!? Delightful! Fantastic! Please drunk man, invade more shots. The law must be enacted, and I declare hereby the law must be surprising and slightly sweet. As for the continent of Australia, it must know that it shall be safe for but another day. Rest well citizens of Australia, for your safety is but at your fingertips!

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