Beyoncé Releases “Die With You” Video For 9th Anniversary

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  • One of Beyonce’s many, many, many, many, many, many, many talents is her ability to put her life on display in a manner that’s healthy and entertaining to her army of incredible fans. For her eighth anniversary with husband Jay-Z, Beyoncé released a video of some of their home movies together, chronicling their relationships and their tender moments, as set to her new song “Die With You”, uploaded to Tidal. The preview for the video can be seen here.

    It’s a sweet video, and to see the rest you have to sign up for Tidal. Beyoncé! Singlehandedly making Tida something you would actually want to pay for. Queen Bey, as one of your many powers, you would be able to get me to shell out a few extra bucks for more music. Beyoncé recently made headlines with an unforgettable Grammy performance and her memorable announcement of her pregnancy via Instagram.

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