Diver Finds Human Remains Underwater

Ashes to ashes, scream to screams.
By Alex Firer

  • You never know what terrifying thing you’ll find deep within the briny deep — often terrifying fish, small examples of buried treasure — or if you’re the particularly unlucky YouTuber named Jake. Jake was diving around Columbus, Georgia when he discovered a bash of ashes in a little black box, causing the diver to scream in fear. Jake is known for finding odd stuff — from treasure to weapons — on his YouTube channel, DallyMD, but this was too much for him. Jake let out a scream and rose to the surface.

    Jake ended up calling the police, trying to figure out what to do. The police advised Jake to put the black box back underwater out of respect to the dead and Jake does so. Still though. A more macabre discovery than the usual, eh?

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