Girl Sneaks Horse Into Bathroom For Selfie

Say "oats", which horses prefer to cheese by a country mile!
By Alex Firer
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  • Horses make natural selfie models. They have a soft brooding look, deep soulful eyes, but theres one problem — horses aren’t allowed into the bathroom! They’re too big! Horse owner, what are you doing?? What are you doing!?

    Can’t argue with the results though, that is a great horse selfie.

    Two years ago Kait snuck her horse, the twenty five year old Tucker, into her parents’ bathroom and snapped some pics. She sent them to her mom, but her father didn’t find out until like— now! He never knew a big old horse was just chilling around his favorite place to brush his teeth. Kait also tells in other Tweets that Tucker was the horse who’s gotten the closest. Most horses know not to enter the house! Most horses are good!

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  • But it’s the ones that break the rules man, that are the coolest. Oh heck yeah! Cool rebel horses! Oh heck yeah! And from the looks of it, Tucker is loving the attention.

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