Mark Hamill Plays Han Solo in Bad Lip Reading of Force Awakens

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  • In his long and stories career Mark Hamill has voiced The Joker, Skips on Regular Show and of course played Luke Skywalker. The second best role in the original Star Wars trilogy. Well, it’s time to move on up, my friend Mark Hamill! Because it’s time to embrace your destiny! AKA — the best role in Star Wars — Han Solo! Or, at least playing the Han Solo in Bad Lip Readings’ “The Force Awakens” video.

    Witness as Mark Hamill channels his gruff co-star as he threatens to turn the ship around if Chewbacca and Finn don’t stop fighting! Gaze upon the sensual flirtation between Chewbacca and a random nurse brushing his soft fur! Gawk awkwardly as BB8 has a sort of super rude voice and won’t leave Finn alone! BB-8! You gotta leave Finn alone! BB-8!

    What do you think of this Bad Lip Reading video? Does it rank amongst their best — and where does it rank for their Star Wars videos in general? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter at @WhatsTrending.

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