Kimmel Tears Up During Memory of Don Rickles During Show

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  • The legacy of Don Rickles has been felt deeply throughout the comedy community and the world in general, as many share their favorite memories of the beloved insult comic. One of the most touching has been that of Jimmy Kimmel. In lieu of a regular monologue, Jimmy Kimmel came out, already on the verge of tears, and recounted his long friendship with the legendary comedian.

    Kimmel recalls his professional relationship with Rickles — the long journey to book him on the program — and recalls the warm friendship between them, reading through amazing notes Rickles sent Kimmel over the years of their friendship — each of them showcasing the comedians’ warmth and kind friendship.

    Along with this, the AARP dropped some clips of their upcoming, and already shot, Rickles based show where Don Rickles has dinner with famous comedians and discuss their life with them — and of course insults them. Kimmel is amongst them.

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