Bubble Popping Raccoons Delight All

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  • With some of the stresses of today, we absolutely need some kind of cute animal break. Something goofy, maddening and glorious. Well, cuteness hounds, I give to you — cute little raccoons popping bubbles! That’s right! Bubble popping raccoons!

    Watch and gaze in awe as their sweet tiny little paws pop bubbles around them, and they scurry about, as if in celebration, looking for the next bubble popping thrill! Sure, the world may be bleak and difficult, but these tiny bubble popping paws, as they burst the small soapy bad boys around them. Music from Guardians of the Galaxy plays around them and for one tiny second in this cruel world, all is right. For the bubble popping bad boys. Are popping. Some bubbles.

    The world may be hard to understand. Tomorrow is a mystery. Yesterday was you know— maybe a mixed bag. But today. Raccoon madness is here. Enjoy, my friends.

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