Become A Carrot With The 360 Bunny Cam

It's so cute! Scroll around a bunny pen with a 360 camera -- or pop it into your VR
By Alex Firer
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  • Look, we’re all human here who read this blog (outside of the occasional sentient robot I guess, searching the whole of the internet for clues of the race that was once man), so all of us wish to eventually cuddle inside a pen with a ton of bunnies. But I know what you’re saying, “I’m not a farm boy! I’m a city boy! Where can I find the nearest bunny pen for me!?”

    Well, fear not gentle stranger. For a VR channel recently uploaded one of the greatest progressions of the technological age — the 360 degree bunny cam. Gaze upon it in pure awe/aww, as you can be centered and surrounded by a gaggle of rabbits, each one cuter and sweet and more ready to kiss you with its tiny little eyelashes — or chew an apple right in front of your face — as the last.

    Gaze into their sweet little pupils! Look upon their incredibly soft and much softer than normal fur! And if you get bored of that bunny, just scroll over — or turn your VR headset a smidge. There will be another one.

    And if you’re the robot from the first paragraph and still reading this— I’m sorry for what we have wrought. But the bunnies are cute, right?

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