Latvian Cat Drinks Tea On Live Television

Good kitty.
By Alex Firer

  • Friendship can be a beautiful thing. Wether it’s between a child and a water heater, two animals who normally would not be pals, but in this case, are very much pals— and here, a Latvian mayor and his pet cat on live television. His little cutie kitty comes up to his tea, and gives it a drink. The mayor laughs, as mayors are want to do, and shoos the cat away. Truly, is the friendship between mayor and cat not the closest friendship between any and all species?

    And brother, cats do not get along with everyone! Remember that cat who scratched up that guy on Christmas? That cat was a bad cat. There are bad cats. There are bad mayors. But these two? They good boys. And hey. Kitty. If you ever want to leave Latvia and sip from a mug in Los Angeles, I got your back, man.

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