Cop Scared By Rat

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  • Look, I’m afraid of rats too, and I would react exactly as this cop did upon seeing one. When witnessing the disgusting rodent, the cop screamed, panicked, and ran away in this raw footage at a St. Petersburg, Florida police station. I’m sure he’s used to seeing criminals and ne’er do wells he can arrest. But can you arrest a rat!? There are no laws in rat town! Naught but the law of beast and also cheese eating! Oh hell yeah!

    I heard that the cops did capture the rat and the rat tried to snitch on everyone. He said he wasn’t no rat, but come on! You can clearly see it is a rat! Mr. Rat! You are fooling no one! Also, for journalistic reasons, I do have to add, none of that happened and also rats can’t talk.

    Also, what’s up with that sign on the wall? “Nothing is not your job”!? So who gets rid of the rats then!? Whose job is it to get rid of the rats? Much to unpack.

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