Alec Baldwin Interviews Alec Baldwin on SNL

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  • There’s really only one thing that could imaginably make me want to watch an interview between Bill O’Reilly and Donald Trump, and that’s some of that SNL magic! That is just what we got when Alec Baldwin played both roles on Saturday Night Life. Alec Baldwin started off as Bill O’Reilly, making fun of the conservative talk show host’s sexual harassment scandals — and his own attempt to just somehow completely ignore them. It’s a very good sketch, but the true shocker came when Alec Baldwin, in his Bill O’Reilly clothing, announced his latest guest — Donald Trump!?

    And lo and behold — Baldwin interviewing Baldwin — most likely O’Reilly Baldwin interviewing a video of O’Reilly Trump — a strange but lovely that we rarely see on SNL. In the sketch Trump defended O’Reilly — much as he did in real life, as Baldwin’s crap eating smile as O’Reilly met his gross melting face as Trump.

    You know it’s already weird famous person Alec Baldwin is basically a cast member on SNL at this point — but Alec Baldwin playing two roles in the same sketch?!?! That’s something else. My goodness.

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