WT Originals: See The Hilarious Antics of Donald Trump…. Live!

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  • President Trump has already started campaigning again — shockingly enough before his first hundred days are even up — and the American people are exhausted. This feels a little bit— weird. Haven’t we seen all this before? It’s like seeing a guy going through his greatest hits! Hence, our latest WT Original — DONALD TRUMP LIVE!

    Written by Adam Bozarth and edited by Mitch Wells, Donald Trump live covers our disgusting and insulting president as he goes through some of his best work — Little Marco, impressions of the disabled, and terrifying admissions to crimes made from the back of a tour bus. Donald Trump Live will bring your favorite person to be filled with rage and disgust at and bring the laffs up to 10,000 jiggowatts! Trump Live! Coming to a terrible meeting hall near you!

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