Trump White House Can’t Even Get The Easter Egg Roll Down

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  • Trump, you can’t make making fun of you so easy for all of us! Already, his presidency is [Trump impression] a total disaster but this is on another level. The President is dropping the ball on the White House Easter Egg Roll!.

    The White House Easter Egg Roll has been going on for 138 years, until maybe apparently now! Usually there are Sesame Street characters along for the ride to entertain the kids, but come on, you think the Trump white house is going to get one of those guys after threatening to cut their funding!? The man fired Elmo, for goodness sakes.

    Hell, most embarrassingly of all, the guys who makes the eggs had to Tweet at Trump to remind him to order the eggs in time.

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  • Gyoops! Hey, buddy, maybe you’re better off without this. Have you heard how that Trump guy deals with the guys who work for him? Not good, my friend, not good! Maybe the White House just can’t do it now that one of their most successful Easter Bunnies is busy. Ladies and gentlemen… the one and only… Sean Spicer!

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  • So the president can’t start a war (the airstrike in Syria turned out to have no strategic value), the president can’t destroy healthcare (we’re actually luck on that one) and the president can’t even organize an event where Elmo helps you look for Easter Eggs. Boy oh boy. The presidency, right? A lot harder than just making fun of Marco Rubio or whatever it is people liked this guy for.

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