Girl Miraculously Survives After Theme Park Ride Malfunctions

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  • Watching theme park rides go wrong always feels like a nightmare come to life, and that’s exactly what happened at this ride in Paris, France, as seen in the video below.

    Before you watch the unbelievably stressful video posted above, please keep in mind, the lady survives it! Now, on to the video — a woman in France suffered a traumatic experience after falling out of a ride, called Adrenaline, at the Throne Fair in Paris. She swings 164 feet above the ground in a terrifying show, until finally, and thankfully, he is slowed down by a person watching the events unfold and finding a way to grab her and slow down the swinging.

    Unsurprisingly, the ride is set to be shut down, and dismantled. The owners went on to say ““It could have been more serious. It’s a miracle the girl was not hurt”. Indeed. It’s very much a miracle everyone involved in the situation is okay, and– jeez louise– these videos! I’m already afraid enough to get on a roller coaster, but this– this is much too much!

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