United Airline’s Victims’ Past Dredged Up

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  • The hideous story of the doctor who United Airlines beat and dragged out of their plane just to make a seat for one of their employees after being the kind of disorganized and apparently violent company who would do that kind of thing, continues to grow more complex. Many news sources are bringing up the doctor’ past with brushes with the law. Many are discussing now — why do this? Is it meant to justify the beating? Is it meant to show that he’s someone who deserved to be hurt or thrown off a plane about a decade after his conviction? And the answer is— whatever the doctor did or didn’t do is not at all tied to him being thrown off a plane and hit so hard he bleeds. There is also no way United Airline could have known any of this and even if they did— it’s not up to them to dole out justice like some kind of gross airline version of The Punisher, and its not up to the people to decide who deserves violence or not.

    United is still paying the price for their unbelievable screw up, with their stock dropping about a billion points, leading their CEO to finally, finally, oh at long last, make a real apology. It’s no “blaming the victim” thing he was doing yesterday, but it’s something.

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