Chicken Pecks Out Beautiful Opera

Puccini? More like... puchicken!
By Alex Firer
  • Is this chicken the next great musical prodigy? Perhaps. Perhaps not! Still, it’s very impressive that someone out there has trained an animal most famous for walking around with a dead eyed look, eating seeds and being alive slightly longer than you would imagine after its head gets cut off to play a grand opera — Puccini’s no less.

    Now hear me out. Please hear me out.

    More like Puchicken.

    If I could make the entire entry the world “More like Puchicken, I would. But for now, let’s just put it in a blockquote.

    “More Like Puchicken”, the very handsome blogger had to say.

    Wow, I wonder who said something that good.

    Anywho, the video is a part of the Two Creative Chicks channel, and, as you can see, the chicken has be trained to play the piano via light up keys that it pecks at. It’s pretty cool. How that chicken plays Puccini. A lot of people could say its more like Puchicken though.

    Not me though. I’m classy.

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