Danielle Bregoli Tweets About Her Wealth and Gets Trolled!

Twitter is not impressed, Danielle.
By Alejandra Moedano

  • Cash me ousside girl, Danielle Bregoli, just bragged about her newfound wealth on Twitter, and the internet is trolling her for it hard! At just 14 years old, Danielle announced in a less than humble tweet:

    I’m ’bout to be a millionaire at 14. Watchu all doing with your lives?

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  • Once the Danielle haters got wind of this, things got messier as different people fought over who got to officially disown Danielle.

    It all began when Twitter user Joshua Phillips tweeted, “as a member of the white delegation, we respectfully do not recognize this person as a productive member of society.”

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  • From there, the black, Latino, Indian, and Asian communities also respectfully rejected Danielle stating some not-so-nice reasons. As things on the net tend to do, the list of groups unwilling to claim responsibility for her spiraled, and got a lot weirder.

    Even wizards got involved in this mess.

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  • As one would expect, Danielle’s response to the trolls was short and sweet: “f-ck y’all.”

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  • To think this all began because Danielle just wanted to show off her achievements and earnings thus far. No matter what people think about you, keep doin’ whatever it is you do, Danielle. Your supporters (and trolls) will keep watching.

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