Deer Hits Man

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  • Cary McCook of Fort Ware, Canada got the fright of his life, when he arrived at his hotel after completing a work training. As Cary was getting out of his car at the Stork Nest Inn he was charged and knocked over by a huge deer!

    Fortunately, Cary was not seriously injured. In an interview with CBS news, he recalls being extremely shocked. Immediately after being hit, he “jumped back up and went to the truck” in order to avoid any further incidents with the deer.

    When Cary phoned his family to share what had happened, there was just one slight problem. He was hit by the deer on April Fool’s Day! There was no way his family was going to believe such an outrageous story.

    At that point, Cary was yet to receive any footage from the hotel. To prove his case, he posted an image of his sweater covered with fur to Facebook.

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  • In response to his sudden viral fame, Cary posted the following to Facebook:

    Im Making the world laugh with my video and with all this News coverage of how much War and shootings are being talked about, It brings me Joy to put a little Positivity in everyones eyes and heart ♥–To all my Nations!

    I can’t deny that I found the footage of Cary getting hit extremely funny, but nonetheless, I’m glad he left the incident with zero major injuries and a great story to tell.

    How would you have reacted if you were in Cary’s shoes? Let us know in the comments below or @WhatsTrending on Twitter!

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