GoogleHome Activating Burger King Ad Outrages All

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  • Burger King’s slogan is “Have it your way” could soon be changed to “We are living in a capitalistic dark dystopic future where your home will market you our disgusting hamburgers”, and I know what you’re thinking, why would Burger King call their own hamburgers disgusting? It might be the only aspect of this story that seems the least bit unlikely as Burger King has been accused of violating technological privacy of many viewers after airing an ad that activates Google Home to talk about the Whopper.

    The content of the ad includes a cashier saying that the ad is only fifteen seconds long, so he couldn’t possibly have time to list all the ingredients of the Burger King Whopper, so the cashier goes “Okay Google, what’s in the Whopper”, activating GoogleHome and giving details of what exactly is in this inhuman sandwich. People have seen this ad as a breach of privacy, including Google, who has not worked with Burger King to make this ad happen, and have recently made it so GoogleHome can’t be activated when it hears this ad.

    This isn’t the first time GoogleHome has played advertising, as many viewers have complained about a Beauty and the Beast advertisement into their daily schedule.

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  • Is this why the 90’s BK Kids spokesman had a cyclops like visor? To see unholy visions of the future!? And check out that commercial — Z-Bots! What happened to Z-Bots? Hold on let me do a block quote. I love doing block quotes.

    “And what happened to Z-Bots?” – What’s Trending Blogger

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