Teens React To Their Kids Reacts In New Fine Bros Video

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  • The passage of time, it spirals about us all, wrapping us in its hurricane like grip as it blows us away into the ether as we age ever onward into our infinite spring into forever. That’s one of the thoughts that goes through my head when I watch the Fine Bros’ latest video “Teens React to Themselves on Kids React”. It’s kind of touching and nice, as we watch teens ready to enter the world of adulthood— I’m sorry, that’s “Adults React” and tearfully remember to back when they were just… kids… kids reacting.

    Ah, were we ever so young? When our response to Star Wars kid was “if he wasn’t already being bullied I would 100% bully him”? When our hatred of Harry Potter’s length was the same as when we were adults and it’s like — we are adults now! Please, sir. We will never read this book.

    Overall its touching. But what do you think? And will the cruel specter of eternetime itself someday give us the terror and glory of adults reacts to their grandfathers as children reacting to Charlie Bit Me in the moth eaten ashes of the nuclear wasteland? I hope not on that last thing. Moths just shouldn’t eat radioactive food!

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