24 Stuck on Six Flags Rollercoaster For Three Hours

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  • When a ride malfunctions, it can be a terrifying thing — and is. It is a terrifying thing! It’s an unimaginable torture chamber like thing! And yet that is exactly what the riders of this Maryland Roller Coaster at Six Flags got. The ride was called the Joker’s Jinx (of course the Joker was behind this! Why that dastardly clown—) and the rescue was successful — although one can’t help but be terrified by the events. They were 100 feet in the air for around three hours.

    Even the Joker, I am sure would never do something so casually terrifying. A roller coaster crashing, maybe — but a roller coaster just hanging in place? I don’t know, it seems a little pedestrian for him. It’s more of a Statementer plan. The Statementer is a character I just created who is the opposite of The Joker. Fear the Statementer!

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