United Has Second Mishap With Falling Scorpion Madness

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    Source: static.standard.co.uk / Via: www.standard.co.uk

  • Boy oh boy, you guys just thought violent beatings were the only thing you get on a United Airlines flight!? Nah buddy, you also get stung by scorpions on United Flights! At this point, just erase United from your itinerary whenever they come up. Just not worth it.

    This Sunday a scorpion dropped from the overheard compartment onto the head of a passenger in some kind of version of Indiana Jones where all the terror just comes directly to you! (No need for a betraying Alfred Molina to save you from the stings!). In the end the scorpion was flushed down the airline toilet, and the person stung felt little more than the effects of a bee sting — it was non toxic. Still man, weird week for United — the violent airline where you get beaten up and stung by scorpions. You get asked to give up your seat and get pummeled, or you stay in your seat and a scorpion stings you. Terrible.

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