Little Girl Lazily Dragged By Tiny Carousel is Perfect Video

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  • Textbooks shall analyze today’s era harshly, and be in need of a statement — a poem — some sort of meaning to illustrate the sense of helplessness we feel in the era of Trump. Art, poetry, cinema — they all attempt to define our era. But only one masterpiece does so effortlessly — and that is the YouTube video known simply as Round almostabout, aka Girl Being Dragged By Tiny Carousel. What The Godfather or Easy Rider was to the 1970’s, this video is so to our era. It is escape. It is definition. It is the gif we’re going to use a bunch when Trump does nine awful things in one day.

    She is dragged across the floor— made of puzzle pieces, no doubt representing the Puzzle That Is Life. “Most Children Ride On The Merry Go Round… Not Our Sienna” the video announces. The child is iconoclast. It is beauty. It is madness. It is cinema.

    I mean, it’s not the madness of “Horse Stomps Alligator”, but its good!

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