Tyler the Creator Composes Bill Nye the Science Guy’s New Theme

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  • You wouldn’t think Bill Nye the Science Guy would settle for any old theme song would you?! Know way! He’s Bill Nye the Science Guy! He needs one of the coolest voices in millennial rap, and what else would our beloved science guy deserve but Odd Future’s own Tyler the Creator.

    The reboot of the show — which is coming soon to Netflix — released an extremely charming video showing Tyler the Creator remembering his favorite Bill Nye the science guy moments, and how it turned him on to science in general. The pair make an extremely charming sight — will Bill Nye, elderly and in his lab coat and Tyler full of life and remembering watching Bill Nye when he was younger. And the new theme song is sick. I like this trend of taking our favorite campy TV shows and just putting some of the biggest talents on the planet on them when they come back, How else do you explain this ridiculous row of talent on Netflix’s MST3K reboot.

    By the way, that is a charming reboot. Have you watched it? Its lovely. Anywho, watch out Kendrick Lamar! There’s another great rap album out there— Tyler’s one song album of a cover of the Bill Nye the Science Guy theme! Oh heck yeah!

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