Watching People Cross the Street During Boston Marathon is Hypnotic

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  • Never has crossing a street been filled with so much drama, so much glory, and so much sweat, and yet — few streets have been crossed like the one at the Boston Marathon! Destroy all your action movies right now, this short clip is the only sweat creating visual you need, my friend!

    Witness the people — the people who wants to just get from one side of the street to the other — clump together, with their personal seers, their guides, their heroes — aka, people with big signs with arrows on them— guide these lost souls to the other side.

    Personal note: your esteemed blogger is from Boston and has warm memories of attending the marathon and crossing its street. It’s a busy life, and the adorable human citizens of Boston do so with aplomb. It’s a beautiful and organized scene. We’re all like ants, man. Ants crossing a big street.

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