Snapchat’s World Lenses are Finally Here

Finally, that mountain in the background can have the same cool dog face as you!
By Alex Firer
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  • Snapchat— pretty great for communicating in a quick way without leaving much of a trail, but even better for its ridiculous filters. Sure, we loved the facial filters — who doesn’t want to pretend to be a weird panting dog!? That’s right, no one!— but now Snapchat has unveiled its latest revolutionary function! World Lens. The same augmented reality technology that brought us Poke’mon Go is now allowing us to goof around a little bit with filter in the space of reality. Bring something weird, goofy and delightful into your snaps with the addition of these fantastic additions to the environment.

    The camera interacts with the object much like Poke’mon Go did! Here, check out this guy exploring a smiling rainbow, or this other gentleman in awe of his floating “hello”.

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  • The future is here. And it involves a CGI cloud crying upon me. The world The Jetsons promised is finally here.

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