Motorcycle! Flings! Snake!

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  • When you ride your sweet hog (slang for big motorcycle) you never expect a— surprise snake to make an appearance (slang for a surprise snake!), and yet that’s exactly what the video in question has given us after a snake flings himself at a motorcycle, only to get flung backwards by the machine’s tires! Poor little guy!

    But lucky us! We get to watch the latest battle in nature! We’ve seen Horse vs. Gator. We’ve seen Penguin vs. Penguin. But now— snake vs. bike! If you’re a biker, it’s like watching your two tattoos battling it out! All that is left is an eagle in a World War One helmet to come an scoop the two up in its talons. This is nature at its most brutal — snake versus bike. Today bike won, but don’t count snake out yet! Once the bike is parked, it’s anyone’s game!

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